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Re: Question on RCFILE

Terry Ally wrote:
> 1. What should it be named? i.e. <rcfile.txt>?
> 2. Where should I place it? Should it go in the directory 
> containing MHonArc's executable files or the Library files?
For both questions, it doesn't really matter. 
You can specify the name and path of the rcfile on the 
command line (mhonarc -rcfile <path_to_rc_file>/<rc_file>)
and so you can name it whatever you want and put it wherever you wish.

If you going to use mhonarc for multiple lists, use the list
name in the rc file. That way you can have separate files for
each list and can easily distinguish between list1.rc and list2.rc.

Also, it is probably better (for maintenance) if the rcfile is 
kept in the same directory as the mhonarc script (executable).

> Finally, is there a plain language version of the manual that can guide 
> me through configuring the programme?

The manual is quite self-explanatory but if something needs further 
clarification, please ask on this list.


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