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Re: Creating a Mhonarc archive from MS Outlook emails

On March 12, 2004 at 15:27, "Tim Gwinn" wrote:

> I then devised a nefarious kludge to combine the best of both worlds:
> 1) Import from the Outlook 2000 into Thunderbird, using Thunderbirds 
> import
> utility.
> 2) Import from Outlook 2000 to Outlook Express using OE's import utility.
> 3) Import from OE to Thunderbird into another folder, using Thunderbirds
> import utility.
> 4) Create two separate Mhonarc archives using the two mbox files from the
> two imports into Thunderbird.
> The OE archive would have all the HTML formatting in the msg files, but 
> the
> thread index files would not be correct. So, I simply copied the date,
> thread and author index files from the Outlook2000 archive over the ones 
> in
> the OE archive. That resulted in archives that retained both 1) complete
> HTML formatting and 2) full threading information. Viola!
> Perhaps someone will tell me there is a much easier way, but at least this
> worked and might be useful to someone else.

I'd probably write a script that merged both mailbox together before
call mhonarc.  Avoids the need to create two archives.

I.e.  The script takes the good header from one mailbox and combines
it with the body from the other mailbox.  The script would generate
a new mailbox that is suitable for archiving.

> Subsequent to that initial transition, I have been receiving all new 
> emails
> directly into Thunderbird, and '-add'ing those emails in batches to the
> existing archives. (Again, being Windows-based and not having direct 
> access
> to mbox files on my hosted website, I have to do this on my PC, and then 
> use
> Frontpage to shuttle the changed files to my web host.)

If your web host provides CGI capabilities, you could use Gunnar's
mhastart.pl script to manage your archive.


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