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Link to thread-index-page wrong, link to (correct) author index page possible?


I use Mhonarc to HTMLize some local newsgroups.

Some days ago, I discovered, that the teferences to the thread-Indizes are sometimes wrong, for example:
The link on the bottom ("Thread") should point to

but points to .../thrd1.html#01569.

I believe, that happens, if a posting moves from one to another thread index page (if additional postings are added to the archive). Then the references in the other postings are not automatically corrected. How can I correct that behaviour? By reindexing all Postings? (-editidx?) That requires too much resources. Is there another way?

And a second question. Currently the Link "Author" points to the first author-index-page (every time), instead of the correct page - like the date or thread index. The relevant part of the .mrc-File:

<a href="$IDXFNAME$#$MSGNUM$">Date</a>,
<a href="$TIDXFNAME$#$MSGNUM$">Thread</a>,
<a href="auth1.html">Author</a>, <!-- FIXME: points to the first page -->

(How) can I correct this, so that I get a link to the correct author-indexpage (like the links to the thread or date indizes)?

Bye, Wolfgang

(you can find the complete resource-Files on http://newsarchiv.tugraz.at/source/, if you need more informations.)

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