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[approved] Re: Warning: Database (2.5.14) != program (2.6.8) version.

Dnia Tuesday 10 of February 2004 23:41, Earl Hood napisał:

> > - is there a way to convert database to latest version?
> mha-dbedit
Thanks! It worked.

> > Unfortunately it generates that warning which makes MTA to return bounce
> > message.
> Which implies your MTA is determining error status of the pipe
> not from the return status code of the program but from output
> to stderr (which may be questionable design choice).
It determines status from both (exit status and if any output occurs).

> --ewh

Arkadiusz Miśkiewicz     CS at FoE, Wroclaw University of Technology
arekm.pld-linux.org, 1024/3DB19BBD, JID: arekm.jabber.org, PLD/Linux

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