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Re: Poll: Should mhonarc.org mail archives hide mail addresses


> And the factors of maintaining  an open forum.  I have received
> a private  response in  favor of not  hiding address  since the
> user has had useful benefits on their archives in not doing so.

I would suggest that MHonArc continues to show the addresses from
the senders.

Trying to  get MHonArc  to conceal  the addresses  is not  a very
useful approach against  spam and does decrease the  value of the
archives.  In my opinion, other  approaches, such as the usage of
spamassassin  and  similar  techniques  should  be  used  against

For  instance,  you could  post  messages  to  each list  from  a
``you+$TOKEN@xxxxxxxxxx''  address (where  $TOKEN is  some string
depending  on  the  list  you  are  writing  to)  and  then  have
your  mail  filtered based  on  that  token (so  ``you+mhonarc'',
``you+gimp''  and ``you''  get different  treatment).  Completely
ignoring  messages sent  to  ``you+somelist'' would  be about  as
useful (with  minor bandwidth differences) as  having the archive
for  ``somelist''  not  show  your  address.   However,  checking
the  messages sent  to  ``you+somelist'' periodically  (basically
treating  it as  a  low priority  account/folder)  would be  more
useful  as people  reading the  archives can  still contact  you.

I would strongly encourage the  developers of MHonArc to maintain
some mechanism  for allowing readers  of the archives to  get the
email addresses for the message  senders.  I would also encourage
people to regard as public  those email addresses from which they
post to mailing lists.



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