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Re: Looking to share cost of MHonArc customisation

> Further to my previous email, I'm now looking to get some customisation
> of MHonArc done professionally to add a required feature. The work would
> involve adding an option to a resource file, whereby the amount of disk
> space that an archive occupied could be limited. It would function
> similar to the MAXSIZE option, where old messages are removed to make
> way for new ones, but obviously would work as a function of disk space
> rather than number of messages.

Hi Andy,

   If you're using a UNIX system, this wouldn't be too difficult to 
   implement in procmail.  You could have a recipe that determines the
   message size, adds it to a running total that's stored in a file,
   then does something if the running total is too high.

   The only problem that I can see is that the disk space utilized 
   wouldn't be exact; it would be based on the size of the original 
   message, not the size of the message once attachments have been
   converted, the message has been HTML-ized, etc.  But it would be a
   decent approximation.

   Let me know if you want more details and I'll post them to the list.


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