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Re: putting attachments in differnet folder

=v= I've taken a different approach.  After grepping through
messages and getting a bunch of mismatches from base64-encoded
binary files, I've decided I prefer having certain attachments
outside of the MH folders altogether!

=v= I've created a cache of these attachments (mostly photos)
in an area known to my webserver.  Then I run a script that (1)
does an "mhstore -auto", (2) moves the files to the appropriate
parts of the cache, and (3) edits the message to replace the
various binaries with HTML attachments referring to the files.
Something like this:

Content-Type: text/html; charset="us-ascii"

<html><body bgcolor="#FFFFFF">
<img alt=""
width=$WIDTH height=$HEIGHT>

I'm using ImageMagick to figure out the width and height, and
I've contemplated a thumbnail option.)  I may also hand-edit
the message to put in the appropriate "alt" text.

=v= And when I run MHonArc, it all comes out just fine!

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