Re: [PATCH 2/2] MAINTAINERS: change the maintainer of fam15h_power driver

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On Thu, 2015-12-10 at 11:56 +0800, Huang Rui wrote:
> Andreas Herrmann won't take the maintainer of fam15h_power driver. I
> will take it and appreciate him for the great contributions on this
> driver.
> diff --git a/CREDITS b/CREDITS
> @@ -1507,6 +1507,14 @@ S: 312/107 Canberra Avenue
>  S: Griffith, ACT 2603 
>  S: Australia
> +N: Andreas Herrmann
> +E: herrmann.der.user@xxxxxxxxx
> +E: herrmann.der.user@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> +D: Key developer of x86/AMD64
> +D: Author of AMD family 15h processor power monintoring driver

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