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On 11/24/2015 11:44 PM, Björn Gerhart wrote:
Dear sensors maintainers,

I'm now evaluating for supporting the Nuvoton NCT5523D sensors chip. However, as <> is down for some time, I'm wondering if the process of development for lm-sensors has changed.

Do you have information about what is going on, and how I could get in touch with the developers without being subscribed to the mailing list right now?

Best and Salut - Björn Gerhart

Hi Björn.

the mailing list should still work as far as I know. And you can always talk with
me directly - after all, I write the driver.

Is the NCT5523D a variant of one of the existing chips (sometimes the chips from the
NCT55xx series have a silimar ID to other chips from the NCT67xx series), or is it
a new chip ? Do you have a datasheet ?


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