Re: [PATCH] Support for Enermax DigiFanless 550W PSU

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On 08/16/2015 03:56 PM, Frank Schaefer wrote:
This driver supports the embedded monitoring (trade name "ZDPMS") in
the Enermax EDF550AWN power supply.

Signed-off-by: Frank Schaefer <kelledin@xxxxxxxxx>

Patches sent as attachments are hard to reply to. Please follow guidelines in

checkpatch reports
	total: 141 errors, 418 warnings, 986 lines checked
which is really a bit on the high side, even though many of those are whitespace
errors. Please fix.

As a hwmon driver, I would prefer for the driver to reside in driver/hwmon.
Other than that, a few generic comments.
- Please no unnecessary value/null piointer checks. Static functions should not
  need any; public functions such as show or store functions neither.
  For each value check you'll have to explain why it is needed.
- In hwmon we use the standard multi-line comment style.
- Please use standard error return codes. Specifically, -1 is not a standard error
  return code.
- -ENOSYS means system call not supported, nothing else. But checkpatch will tell you
  that as well.
- Please use devm_kzalloc().
- Please no warning or error messages in sensor read or write code. Returning an error to user
  space is sufficient.
- Please no ZDPMS_ATTR macros. The savings are not enough to warrant the extra complexity.

This is just a start; with that many coding style violations this code is really difficult
to review.


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