Re: [PATCH 1/2] xfs: Clear W=1 warning in xfs_iwalk_run_callbacks():

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On 26/04/2024 00:30, Dave Chinner wrote:
Can this be written differently that has no need to access the
on-disk AGF at all?

	Yes, it can:

	ASSERT(xfs_verify_agbno(args->pag, acur->rec_bno + acur->rec_len));


	ASSERT(xfs_verify_agbext(args->pag, acur->rec_bno, acur->rec_len));

The latter is better, as it verifies both the start and the end of
the extent are within the bounds of the AG and catches overflows...


I'll send a single patch to convert both instances in xfs_alloc.c and tag you as "Originally-by" in the patch. Let me know if not ok.


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