PROBLEM: i5-3317u MCE during UEFI boot

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I have the following problem. When booting Linux 3.5.4 (and some older
versions - 3.4.x) in the UEFI mode (both as EFIStub and with GRUB)
with systemd I get the error, show on the picture. It is not clearly
hardware error, because Windows 7/8 works fine on the same notebook
(Samsung 900x3c). And even sometime (quite frequently, but not always)
I manage to boot in UEFI mode from USB stick the same Linux-kernel.
Booting with ArchLinux's (my distro) initscripts seems working too.
And this is the second unit on which I get the error, the motherboard
of first one was somehow damaged, when I was running windows 8.

Are there ways to address that problem? And what does cause the
problem? Intel's documentation does not cover the shown code.

- MB, respectfully


P.S. Excuse me my English
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