Boot message with 3.6: Fast TSC calibration failed

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Hi list,

I was not sure what the appropriate channel was for my question, so
please excuse if this mail is inappropriate for this list. I'd
appreciate a hint to the correct channel.

Since I upgraded to the 3.6-rc5 kernel (I am using Debian Wheezy), a new
error message is displayed on each boot:

[    0.000000] tsc: Fast TSC calibration failed

Using /var/log/kern.log, I verified that this message was in the kernel
log all the time (or actually, almost all the time - sometimes fast
calibration succeeded), but it had not been displayed on startup. Commit
c767a54b changed the message from a bare printk to an error serious
enough to be displayed.

It is my understanding that the kernel should boot silently when passed
the "quiet" option, unless there is a serious problem. Should I worry
about this message, or would it be more appropriate to downgrade it to a

Kind regards,

PS: Please keep me in CC in replies, I am not subscribed to the list.
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