Re: [PATCH 01/14] block: move max_{open,active}_zones to struct queue_limits

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On Sun, Jan 28, 2024 at 03:32:32PM -0800, Bart Van Assche wrote:
>> @@ -307,6 +305,8 @@ struct queue_limits {
>>   	unsigned char		discard_misaligned;
>>   	unsigned char		raid_partial_stripes_expensive;
>>   	bool			zoned;
>> +	unsigned int		max_open_zones;
>> +	unsigned int		max_active_zones;
> Not all struct queue_limits instances are associated with a gendisk. Do we need
> a way to separate the limits that apply to all request queues from the limits
> that only apply to disks in struct queue_limits, e.g. a comment that separates
> the two?

I've actually been thinking about that for a while.  It does sound like
a good idea but I wonder how practical it is.  But that is on the table
for after we've sorted out the basic API problems, as that makes
splitting it much easier if we do that eventually.

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