Re: CSV output

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On Mon, 13 Mar 2023 18:40:16 +0100 (CET)
Julia Lawall <julia.lawall@xxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Thanks for the patch.  But actually, I was hoping for something like this:
> cpus=96
> <...>-20420,074,3057.962369,sched_process_exec,/tmp/,20420,20420
> <...>-20420,074,3057.963487,sched_switch,,20420,120,D,swapper/74,0,120
> <idle>-0,034,3057.963602,sched_waking,kworker/u192,6,500,120,075
> <idle>-0,075,3057.963632,sched_wakeup,kworker/u192,6,500,120,075
> <idle>-0,075,3057.963637,sched_switch,swapper/75,0,120,R,kworker/u192,6,500,120
> kworker/u192,6-500,075,3057.963656,sched_waking,,20420,120,074
> kworker/u192,6-500,075,3057.963665,sched_switch,kworker/u192,6,500,120,W,swapper/75,0,120
> <idle>-0,074,3057.963686,sched_wakeup,,20420,120,074
> <idle>-0,074,3057.963691,sched_switch,swapper/74,0,120,R,,20420,120
> It still remains human readable (more or less, with practice), but there
> are not a lot of spaces that a parser has to get rid of.  The separator
> character would have to be something that can't occur in a command name.

Should be rather trivial to implement.

Better yet, I'm hoping to get some time to finish looking at the python
updates that were sent to me, and where it could be possible to just allow
you to override the output with a python script.

-- Steve

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