Re: kernelshark: Proper way to install documents when packaging as rpm

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Hi Yordan,

Thanks for the info. This also makes sense. As a packager I can still decide and chose the files that is useful and manually wrap it into the RPM.


On 10/13/22 00:37, Yordan Karadzhov wrote:
Hi Zamir,

We never had a functional installation of the documentation. The documentation itself needs significant amount of work, so I would prefer to keep it only as an option for those enthusiasts who want to build the project from source.


On 10/11/22 18:15, Zamir SUN wrote:

When I am working on packaging kernelshark as RPM, I noticed that kernelshark documents cannot be installed with make install. My compiling steps is like the following (with the passing of compiling flags omitted in this email to reduce length)

cd build
make V=1 all doc

And installation is by

cd build
make V=1 install

Manually running the expanded commands I see there are actually documents compiled under Documentation dir. But the make install did not copy that. `make list_install_components` shows that

Available install components are: "kernelshark" "libkshark-devel" "polkit-policy"

Additionally, simply going into Documentation dir and run make install will just result in error

No rule to make target '/Documentation/kernelshark.1'

So I feel this isn't the right way either. So I wonder if I should manually copy all the stuff (or a subset?) from Documentation dir into the package, or is there a preferred installation step that I missed?

Thanks in advance.

Zamir SUN
Fedora user
GPG : 1D86 6D4A 49CE 4BBD 72CF FCF5 D856 6E11 F2A0 525E

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