Kernelshark: funcgraph_exit events don't seem to exit?

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Dear community, 
In order to explain my problem, I need to ask you to have a look to the visual trace in my github (I cannot attach it to the mail nor using an image uploading service): 

In the trace, we have one CPU, CPU0. On it:
- `Task3` runs `foo5()` at time 8.000000 cycles
- `Task2` takes place running `foo3()` at time 8.010000 cycles.
- `Task1` takes place running `foo1()` at time 8.060000 cycles.
For now, everything OK.
Then, I wish to `exit` the three tasks.

- `Task1` exits at 8.090000 cycles. Here the trace does not show what I expect, namely `Task1` (in red) shall end at 8.090000 cycles. Instead, there is a red trace until the beginning of the next exit event, `Task2` at 8.130000.

This doesn't seem an `exit` event. Do you have any suggestions to show what I wish on Kernelshark?

Best Regards,

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