Re: [PATCH v1 3/3] clk: qcom: rcg: update the DFS macro for RCG

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On 7/17/2019 4:52 AM, Stephen Boyd wrote:
Quoting Taniya Das (2019-07-15 21:22:02)
Hello Stephen,

Thanks for the review.

On 7/16/2019 4:14 AM, Stephen Boyd wrote:
Quoting Taniya Das (2019-05-12 20:44:46)
On 5/10/2019 11:24 PM, Stephen Boyd wrote:
Why is the clk name changing to not have a _src after the "root" of the
clk name? As long as I can remember, RCGs have a "_src" postfix.

Yes, the RCGs would have _src, so we do want the init data also to be
generated with _src postfix. So that we do not have to manually clean up
the generated code.

Please manually cleanup the generated code, or fix the code
generator to do what you want.

Fixing the code manually is not what we intend to do and it is time
consuming with too many DFS controlled clocks. This really helps us
align to internal code.

And you can't fix the code generator to drop the _src part of whatever
is spit out for the DFS lines?

Sure, will drop this.

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