Re: [PATCH v3 16/17] NEWS: mention ARC port

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On 3/6/20 5:08 PM, Joseph Myers wrote:

> "normal" means "the versions documented in install.texi, node Tools for 
> Compilation, as the minimum for building glibc on most architectures".
> That node should give comprehensive information on what tool versions are 
> needed to build glibc.  If an architecture requires GCC more recent than 
> 6.2, or binutils more recent than 2.25, that needs to be documented there 
> (unless the minimum versions for that architecture are the minimum 
> binutils / GCC versions that supported that architecture at all).

Something along the lines...

-   * GCC 6.2 or newer
+   * GCC 6.2 or newer  (For some architectures specific later versions needed)

-     GCC 6.2 or higher is required.  In general it is recommended to use
-     the newest version of the compiler that is known to work for
+     GCC 6.2 or higher is required. ARC architecture needs gcc 8.2 or later.
+     In general it is recommended to use the newest version of the compiler


> An alternative in some cases is increasing the global minimum.  Typically 
> the global minimum is a version from a few years ago; if it's been a year 
> since the minimum major GCC version for building glibc was last updated, 
> it may well be reasonable to propose an architecture-independent increase 
> of that version to the next major GCC release, for example.

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