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On Sat, 7 Mar 2020, Vineet Gupta wrote:

> On 3/6/20 4:14 PM, Joseph Myers wrote:
> > On Fri, 6 Mar 2020, Vineet Gupta wrote:
> > 
> >> +* Support for ARC HS cores running Linux has been contributed by Synopsys.
> >> +  Port requires atleast
> >> +    - binutils-2.31 (binutils-2_31-branch: commit 6ce881c15fc4, 2018-10-04)
> >> +    - gcc 8.2 (gcc-8-stable: commit 0d5ba57508c5, 2019-01-29)
> >> +    - Linux kernel 5.1+
> > 
> > You need to update the list of supported configurations in README.
> Ok did that now. Is it not supposed to also cover the hf (hard-float) 
> configs for architectures in general ?

README has a high-level summary, not full details of every supported ABI 

> > Any architecture with a higher minimum compiler / binutils version than 
> > normal needs it documented in install.texi, with the INSTALL file 
> > regenerated.
> "normal" would the ones mentioned in build-many-glibcs ? The min versions for ARC
> are over year old already so I don't think it needs mentioning.

"normal" means "the versions documented in install.texi, node Tools for 
Compilation, as the minimum for building glibc on most architectures".

That node should give comprehensive information on what tool versions are 
needed to build glibc.  If an architecture requires GCC more recent than 
6.2, or binutils more recent than 2.25, that needs to be documented there 
(unless the minimum versions for that architecture are the minimum 
binutils / GCC versions that supported that architecture at all).

An alternative in some cases is increasing the global minimum.  Typically 
the global minimum is a version from a few years ago; if it's been a year 
since the minimum major GCC version for building glibc was last updated, 
it may well be reasonable to propose an architecture-independent increase 
of that version to the next major GCC release, for example.

Joseph S. Myers

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