Re: [PATCH] Force 64-bit time based syscalls for TIMESIZE==64 on 32-bit arches

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* Vineet Gupta:

> +/* Override syscalls for asm-generic ABIs with 64-bit time.  */
> +#if __WORDSIZE == 32 && __TIMESIZE == 64
> +
> +# undef __NR_futex
> +# define __NR_futex __NR_futex_time64
> +
> +# undef __NR_rt_sigtimedwait
> +# define __NR_rt_sigtimedwait __NR_rt_sigtimedwait_time64

I'm not totally unsympathetic to this in principle, but I think if we
start messing more with the system call numbers in this way, we should
move away from the __NR_ prefixes and use our own constant names.

Otherwise, the results could be very confusing, especially if there are
exceptions to this exception and we need the original system call number
after all.


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