Re: [PATCH] Force 64-bit time based syscalls for TIMESIZE==64 on 32-bit arches

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On 2/24/20 4:59 PM, Alistair Francis wrote:
>> +/* Override syscalls for asm-generic ABIs with 64-bit time.  */
>> +#if __WORDSIZE == 32 && __TIMESIZE == 64
>> +
>> +# undef __NR_futex
>> +# define __NR_futex __NR_futex_time64
> I think you should do what RV32 does and wrap these in ifndef's

ARC asm-generic ABI is different from the ones newer arches have. For us the these
syscalls already exist and the idea is to replace them with the 64-bit variants
which requires #undef.

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