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bill wrote:
> In an attempt to recover files from my corrupted windows vista os
> computer I downloaded DSL 4.4.10iso dated 18.11.1008 and burned to
> disc.  Loading the disc in my computer I get a full screen with DSL
> advert for 50mb Live Bizcard CD and a"boot" option.  On pressing "enter"
> I get two "penguin" icons top left of screen and a stationary cursor. 
> On re-loading DSL and pressing "F2" and at the "boot" option typing
> "failsafe" or "expert" text scrolls down the screen and stops at the
> line "ide0:BM-DMA at 0x4000-0x4007,Bios setting:hda:DMA,hdb:pio. On the
> next line is a flashing cursor which does not respond to any key.  Near
> the top of the screen is the following message " An unexpected IO-APIC
> was found.   If this kernel release is less than three months old please
> report this to linux-smp@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  I await your response.

You didn't tell us what kernel release number it is.
>From my browsing, it looks like they are using 2.4.31, which was
released in June, 2005, so it's more than 3 months old.

However, this "unexpected IO-APIC" message is not fatal and has
been removed from current 2.6.x kernels completely.
Whatever problem DSL has, it has nothing to do with that message.

If your computer hardware is new, a Linux 2.4 kernel might not
be able to handle it properly.  For DSL issues, please use their

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