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In an attempt to recover files from my corrupted windows vista os computer I downloaded DSL 4.4.10iso dated 18.11.1008 and burned to disc. Loading the disc in my computer I get a full screen with DSL advert for 50mb Live Bizcard CD and a"boot" option. On pressing "enter" I get two "penguin" icons top left of screen and a stationary cursor. On re-loading DSL and pressing "F2" and at the "boot" option typing "failsafe" or "expert" text scrolls down the screen and stops at the line "ide0:BM-DMA at 0x4000-0x4007,Bios setting:hda:DMA,hdb:pio. On the next line is a flashing cursor which does not respond to any key. Near the top of the screen is the following message " An unexpected IO-APIC was found. If this kernel release is less than three months old please report this to linux-smp@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx I await your response.

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