Re: [PATCH v7 0/3] add support for EXAR XR20M1172 UART

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On 22/04/2024 15:32, Konstantin Pugin wrote:
> EXAR XR20M1172 UART is mostly SC16IS762-compatible, but
> it has additional register which can change UART multiplier
> to 4x and 8x, similar to UPF_MAGIC_MULTIPLIER does. So, I used this
> flag to guard access to its specific DLD register. It seems than
> other EXAR SPI UART modules also have this register, but I tested
> only XR20M1172.
> Yes, in datasheet this register is called "DLD - Divisor Fractional"
> or "DLD - Divisor Fractional Register", calling depends on datasheet
> version.
> I am sorry about too many submissions and top post reply. About second -
> I do not know how to reply properly to this ML from GMail phone app. About first - I just
> get very good feedback from Andy Shevchenko, and want to fix his review picks ASAP.

One patchset per 24h.

Plus, you already got such review comment:

This is a friendly reminder during the review process.

It looks like you received a tag and forgot to add it.

If you do not know the process, here is a short explanation:
Please add Acked-by/Reviewed-by/Tested-by tags when posting new
versions, under or above your Signed-off-by tag. Tag is "received", when
provided in a message replied to you on the mailing list. Tools like b4
can help here. However, there's no need to repost patches *only* to add
the tags. The upstream maintainer will do that for tags received on the
version they apply.

If a tag was not added on purpose, please state why and what changed.

Just start using b4.

Best regards,

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