Re: [PATCH 12/15] tty: serial: switch from circ_buf to kfifo

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On 17. 04. 24, 13:19, Anders Roxell wrote:
I'm trying to run on two dragonboard devices db410c and db845c and both
fails to boot see the boot failure from db845c [1], linux-next tag: next-20240415.
I tried to apply the patch [2] (that you proposed in this thread) ontop of next-20240415. However, that didn't
help bootlog on db845c [3].

This is a different issue, which I've reported 2 days ago. See the
following thread:

Oh ok, I did the bisection on db845v, and that led me to this
patch 1788cf6a91d9 ("tty: serial: switch from circ_buf to kfifo")

Could you re-test with the today's -next?

In particular, with this commit:
commit f70f95b485d78838ad28dbec804b986d11ad7bb0
Author: Jiri Slaby (SUSE) <jirislaby@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date:   Fri Apr 19 10:09:31 2024 +0200

    serial: msm: check dma_map_sg() return value properly

suse labs

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