RE: [EXT] Re: [PATCH v10 2/3] dt-bindings: net: bluetooth: Add NXP bluetooth support

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Hi Paul,

Thank you for reviewing.

> > +
> > +description:
> > +  This binding describes UART-attached NXP bluetooth chips.
> > +  These chips are dual-radio chips supporting WiFi and Bluetooth.
> > +  The bluetooth works on standard H4 protocol over 4-wire UART.
> > +  The RTS and CTS lines are used during FW download.
> > +  To enable power save mode, the host asserts break signal
> > +  over UART-TX line to put the chip into power save state.
> > +  De-asserting break wakes-up the BT chip.
> The verb is spelled with a space: wakes up the BT chip.
> You seem to break the line whenever a sentence ends. Is that intentional?

Yes. But now I have resolved it in v11 patch.


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