Re: [LSF/MM/BPF ATTEND][LSF/MM/BPF TOPIC] : blktests: status, expansion plan for the storage stack test framework

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On Wed, Feb 21, 2024 at 10:32:05AM -0800, Luis Chamberlain wrote:
> > One discussion point I'd like to add is
> > 
> >   - running blktest against real hardare/target
> We've resolved this in fstests with canonicalizing device symlinks, and
> through kdevops its possible to even use PCIe passthrough onto a guest
> using dynamic kconfig (ie, specific to the host).
> It should be possible to do that in blktests too, but the dynamic
> kconfig thing is outside of scope, but this is a long winded way of
> suggestin that if we extend blktests to add a canonon-similar device
> function, then since kdevops supports blktests you get that pcie
> passthrough for free too.

I should have been more precise here, I was trying to say supporting
real fabrics targets. blktests already has some logic for PCI targets
with $TEST_DEV but I haven't really looked into this part yet.

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