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Since discussion of the storage stack and device driver at the
LSFMM 2017 (https://lwn.net/Articles/717699/), Omar Sandoval introduced
a new framework "blktests" dedicated for Linux Kernel Block layer
testing that is maintained by Shinichiro Kawasaki :-


As Linux Kernel Block layer is central to the various file systems and
underlying low-level device drivers it is important to have a centralized
testing framework and make sure it grows with the latest block layer
changes which are being added based on the different device features from
different device types (e.g. NVMe devices with Zoned Namespace support).

Since then blktests has grown and became go-to framework where we have
integrated different stand-alone test suites like SRP-tests, NVMFTESTS,
NVMe Multipath tests, zone block device tests, into one central
framework, which has made an overall block layer testing and development
much easier than having to configure and execute different test cases
for each kernel release for different subsystems such as FS, NVMe, Zone
Block devices, etc).

Here is the list of the existing test categories:-

block : 32
dm    : 1
loop  : 9
nbd   : 4
nvme  : 49
scsi  : 6
srp   : 15
ublk  : 6
zbd   : 10
9 Categories     :147 Tests

This project has gathered much attention and storage stack community is
actively participating and adding new test cases with different
categories to the framework.

Since addition of this framework we are consistently finding bugs
proactively with the help of blktests testcases.

For storage track, I would like to propose a session dedicated to
blktests. It is a great opportunity for the storage developers to gather
and have a discussion about:-

1. Current status of the blktests framework.
2. Any new/missing features that we want to add in the blktests.
3. Any new kernel features that could be used to make testing easier?
4. DM/MD Testcases.
5. Potentially adding VM support in the blktests.

E.g. Implementing new features in the null_blk.c in order to have device
independent complete test coverage. (e.g. adding discard command for
null_blk or any other specific REQ_OP). Discussion about having any new
tracepoint events in the block layer.

Any new test cases/categories which are lacking in the blktests

Required attendees :-

Shinichiro Kawasaki
Damien Le Moal
Daniel Wanger
Hannes Reinecke


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