Re: [PATCH] remoteproc: mediatek: Detect single/multi core SCP with rpmsg-name property

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On Tue, Sep 19, 2023 at 5:26 PM AngeloGioacchino Del Regno
<angelogioacchino.delregno@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Il 19/09/23 07:03, Chen-Yu Tsai ha scritto:
> > In the just landed multi-core SCP work, detection of single/multi core
> > SCP is done by checking the immediate child node of the SCP complex
> > device node. In the original work this was done by matching the child
> > node's name. However the name wasn't previously standardized. This
> > resulted in breakage on MT8183 and MT8192 Chromebooks while the driver
> > side changes were picked up and the device tree changes were not picked
> > up.
> >
> > Instead, match against the "mediatek,rpmsg-name" property, which is
> > required to be present in the rpmsg sub-node. This makes the
> > aforementioned devices running old device trees working again.
> >
> > Reported-by: Laura Nao <laura.nao@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> > Fixes: 1fdbf0cdde98 ("remoteproc: mediatek: Probe SCP cluster on multi-core SCP")
> > Signed-off-by: Chen-Yu Tsai <wenst@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
> > ---
> > The patch is based on next-20230918 with a whole bunch of local patches
> > stacked on top. None of my local patches are related to remoteproc, so
> > it should be fine.
> >
> > I tested on both MT8183 Juniper and MT8192 Hayato and on both systems
> > the SCP successfully probed again.
> Instead of checking "mediatek,rpmsg-name", I think that a better way of checking if
> this is single or multi core is to count the number of cores...
> I've sent my own version of this, please check [1].

My version checks the structure of the device node, much like the original
code, just against a different property/node name. If it's multi-core,
there would be sub-nodes for each core, and the rpmsg property would be
under those.

Either way works. What we need right now is a quick fix to get things
working again. We can discuss how to make things better later.

Honestly I think it should just be based on the compatible string. However
the current design seems quite fragile. The driver probably can't handle
the core device nodes being out of order.


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