Re: [PATCH V2 01/13] dt-bindings: remoteproc: qcom: Add support for multipd model

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On 7/1/2023 4:21 PM, Krzysztof Kozlowski wrote:
On 30/06/2023 09:12, Manikanta Mylavarapu wrote:

On 6/24/2023 12:49 PM, Krzysztof Kozlowski wrote:
On 21/06/2023 13:39, Manikanta Mylavarapu wrote:
on number of wcss radios connected on that board and only one instance
of 'qcom,ipq5018-q6-mpd'.

I don't understand why the user protection domains need a specific
compatible. Why do they need compatible at all?

Not mentioning that amount of your domains on Q6 is actually fixed per
SoC and probably should not be in DT at all.

     root domain is fixed per soc (One Q6 DSP, one per soc)
     user domain(s) are variable (based on number of wcss radios attached)

     The sequence to initialize, bring up, tear down the Q6 and wcss radios
     are completely different. So in order to differentiate them, we will
     need different compatibles. So this is a new rproc driver/architecture
     which has a parent/child topology (Q6 DSP -> Master/parent controls
     the WCSS (child)).

I understand you need different properties, but I don't see yet the
benefit of creating here artificial compatibles. Look at your ipq9574
DTSI change - it does not use even ipq9574 compatibles for 66% of its

Maybe you should have there just property describing type of device or

	Yeah i got your point. Indeed the requirement here is to
	have device specific compatibles, so will have just two
	compatible one for Q6-MPD and another for WCSS-MPD device's

	"qcom,q6-mpd" --> For Q6-MPD device
	"qcom,wcss-mpd" --> For WCSS-MPD device

	Is this approach fine ?

Can you fix your reply style, so it is like on every mailing list? Some
weird indentation does no help to read it.

Sure, i will change my reply style and don't use any indentation.
Sorry for inconvenience.

I was proposing to drop compatibles entirely. Making compatibles generic
is not solving any of my concerns.

I don't understand what do you want to achieve here and very limited
description of the hardware in the binding does not help.

Sure, i remove user pd compatibles. In root pd probe itself, user pd
remoteproc's are taken care. Also I updated diagram in cover page, it
gives enough information.

Given SoC cannot come with different amount of children (PD) and
different amount of radios. You even fix the firmware name, so
boards/customers cannot use anything else. It's fixed and the only
variable element here is disabling some of the blocks per board, if they
do not have physical interface (e.g. radio).

You even hard-code the number of PD by using "pd-[123]", without unit
address, so you do not expect it will grow.

Unless you want to say that these are devices? But your binding does not
really suggest it...

	Yes, as i mentioned above the requirement is to have device

What requirement? You did not describe anything. Binding describes
hardware, not your requirements.

Binding said nothing about devices.

Yeah got your point. So we removed userpd compatibles from dt-bindings.

	specific bindings. We will remove "PD-X" from soc dtsi and
	add it in board dts file.

Why? How is it related to the bindings? What does it solve? Instead of
doing some changes you should explain why.

	So soc dts would have "Q6-MPD" master node & board dts have
	"WCSS-MPD" child nodes based on number of radio's connected
	on board.

	Is this fine ?


"PD-X" controls user pd WCSS bring up. WCSS blocks may vary based on
number of radio's connected on board but QDSP6 is always present.
So i will keep Q6 node in soc dtsi file and move 'PD-X' node to board
dts file.

Thanks & Regards,

Best regards,

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