Re: [PATCH V2 10/13] remoteproc: qcom: Add Hexagon based multipd rproc driver

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On 7/1/2023 4:25 PM, Krzysztof Kozlowski wrote:
On 30/06/2023 12:29, Manikanta Mylavarapu wrote:

On 6/27/2023 6:09 PM, Manikanta Mylavarapu wrote:

Do you see the lines above? You quote my reply and claim it is you who
wrote it.

Please fix your mailer, it's making discussions unnecessary difficult.

Sure, i will correct it.

+      Say y here to support the Qualcomm Secure Peripheral Image Loader
+      for the Hexagon based MultiPD model remote processors on e.g.
+      This is trustZone wireless subsystem.


	I didn't understand. Can you please elaborate your comment?

Got it.

+    int (*powerup_scm)(u32 peripheral);
+    int (*powerdown_scm)(u32 peripheral);
+ * qcom_get_pd_asid() - get the pd asid number from DT node

  From node name? NAK. It does not work like that. Node names can change
and you did not define this number as part of ABI.

Probably you wanted unit address.

	Yeah i got your point. Each of the WCSS PD's are internally
	represented in Q6 with their corresponding "spawn" bit numbers.
	I will use same and remove the "PD-" hardcodings.

	Is this fine ?

I don't get what you are going to use, so post a patch. Talk is cheap.

Sure, i posted a patch. Patch available here

Thanks & Regards,

Best regards,

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