Re: Configuring pppd to accept link-local IPv6 interface id from remote peer

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Nicholas Humfrey <njh@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
    > I have two pppd (v2.4.7) instances running, talking to each over over a
    > serial port link. But I can't work out how to get the 'client' pppd to
    > accept the link-local IPv6 interface identifier provided by the
    > 'server' pppd. I am trying to use static addresses so I know the
    > link-local IP address of the remote peer.

So, basically you want to have ppp running with unnumbered links, and then
maybe you do routing over that?

I am not surprised that this hasn't been tested, and that there are bugs.
Mostly, IP6CP assigns random IPv6-LL.

If your goal is routing over unnumbered links, you don't really need the
destination IPv6-LL to route to, it's enough to "dev ppp0" or whatever.

If you just want a stable identifier at each end, then put it on lo a /128
alias, and put a route to it.

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