Re: pppoe encapsulated udp packets which appear on ethernet disappear between pppoe and ppp0 after pppoe hangup; continues to work after reboot

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Hello Michael,

> It sounds like they aren't part of the correct PPPoE session to me.
> As if the other end is not killing it's PPP session when the new one forms.

wow. You nailed it. Thank you for identifying the root cause. I'll open a call
with German Telekom to fix there ppp endpoint.

(x1) [~/pcaps] tshark -nr eth1.pcap -T fields -e 'pppoe.session_id' | sort -u


These are exactly the packages I was missing:

(x1) [~/pcaps] tshark -nr eth1.pcap -Y 'pppoe.session_id == 0x0000b5e0'
 2938  12.176318 → UDP 118 5000 → 5000 Len=68
 5247  21.951571 → UDP 118 5000 → 5000 Len=68
 5248  21.952077 → UDP 118 5000 → 5000 Len=68
 5802  31.641323 → UDP 118 5000 → 5000 Len=68
 5803  31.641807 → UDP 118 5000 → 5000 Len=68

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