Re: [PATCH v4] PCI: Relabel JHL6540 on Lenovo X1 Carbon 7,8

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On Wed, May 15, 2024 at 02:53:54PM -0400, Esther Shimanovich wrote:
> > For the clarity, Intel integrated Thunderbolt 3 controller first in Ice
> > Lake, then Thunderbolt 4 controller in Tiger Lake and forward (Alder
> > Lake, Raptor Lake, Meteor Lake). Anything else, including Comet Lake and
> > the like are using discrete controllers such as Alpine Ridge, Titan
> > Ridge (both Thunderbolt 3) and Maple Ridge (Thunderbolt 4), and Barlow
> > Ridge (Thunderbolt 5) where the controller is either soldered on the
> > motherboard or connected to a PCIe slot.
> Thanks for the explanation!
> This patch worked smoothly on the device I tried. I'd be happy to go
> forward with this patch, and test it on more devices.
> Is that fine? Or should I try something else on the build I made with
> Lukas's commits?

I suggest trying on more devices just to be sure it covers all of them.

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