Re: [PATCH v6 0/5] PCI: Add Secondary Bus Reset (SBR) support for CXL

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On Thu, May 02, 2024 at 09:57:29AM -0700, Dave Jiang wrote:
> Hi Bjorn,
> Please consider this series for the next appropriate kernel merge window.
> The CXL part has review tags from Dan and Jonathan. It can go through your tree.
> The series attempt to add secondary bus reset (SBR) support to CXL. By default,
> SBR for CXL is masked. Per CXL specification r3.1, the Port Control
> Extensions register bit 0 (Unmask SBR) in the host bridge controls the masking
> of CXL SBR.  "When 0, SBR bit in Bridge Control register of this Port has no
> effect. When 1, the Port shall generate hot reset when SBR in Bridge Control
> gets set to 1.  Default value of this bit is 0. When the Port is operating in
> PCIe mode or RCD mode, this field has no effect on SBR functionality and Port
> shall follow PCIe Base Specification."

Applied with minor cleanups to pci/cxl for v6.10, thanks!

> v6:
> - Split out locking of upstream bridge to a separate patch and add lockdep
>   support. (Dan)
> - Added Dan's review tags for last 2 patches.
> v5:
> - Move bridge locking to pci_reset_function(). (Dan)
> - Simplify retrieval of cxld. (Dan)
> - Add lock to device to prevent racing of disabled cxlmd. (Dan)
> - Promote dev_warn() to dev_crit() (Dan)
> - Remove LOCKDEP_NOT_UNRELIABLE flag. (Dan)
> v4:
> - Return u16 for cxl_port_dvsec(). (Lukas)
> - Use pci_dev_lock guard() on bridge. (Lukas)
> - Clarify commit subject on 4/4. (Jonathan)
> v3:
> - Move PCI_DVSEC_VENDOR_ID_CXL to PCI_VENDOR_ID_CXL in pci_ids.h (Bjorn)
> - Remove of CXL device checking. (Bjorn)
> - Rename defines to PCI_DVSEC_CXL_PORT_*. (Bjorn)
> - Fix SBR define in commit log. (Bjorn)
> - Update comment on dvsec not found. (Dan)
> - Check return of dvsec value read for error. (Dan)
> - Move cxl_port_dvsec() to an earlier patch. (Dan)
> - Add pci_cfg_access_lock() for bridge access. (Dan)
> - Change cxl_bus_force method to cxl_bus. (Dan)
> - Rename decoder_hw_mismatch() to __cxl_endpoint_decoder_reset_detected(). (Dan)
> - Move CXL register access function to core/pci.c. (Dan)
> - Add kernel taint to decoder reset warning. (Dan)
> v2:
> - Use pci_upstream_bridge() instead of dev->bus->self. (Lukas)
> - Rename is_cxl_device() to pci_is_cxl(). (Lukas)
> - Return -ENOTTY on error. (Lukas)
> Patch 1:
> Move PCI_DVSEC_VENDOR_ID_CXL to PCI_VENDOR_ID_CXL in pci_ids.h and adjust related
> CXL bits.
> Patch 2:
> Add locking of the upstream bridge to keep configuration of the bridge consistent.
> Patch 3:
> Add check to PCI bus_reset path for CXL device and return with error if "Unmask
> SBR" bit is set to 0. This allows user to realize that SBR is masked for this
> CXL device. However, if the user sets the "Unmask SBR" bit via a tool such as
> setpci, then the bus_reset will proceed.
> Patch4:
> Add a new PCI reset method "cxl_bus" in order to allow the user an
> intetional way to perform SBR. The code will set the "Unmask SBR" bit to
> 1 and proceed with bus_reset. The original value of the bit will be restored
> after the reset operation.
> Patch5:
> CXL driver change that provides a ->reset_done() callback. It compares the
> hardware decoder settings with the existing software configuration and emit
> warning if they differ. The difference indicates that decoders were programmed
> before the reset and are now cleared after reset. There may be onlined system
> memory backed by CXL memory device that are now violently ripped away from
> kernel mapping.
> Patch series stemmed from this [1] patch. With comments [2] from Bjorn.
> [1]:
> [2]:

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