Re: [PATCH v4 2/2] PCI: mediatek-gen3: Add power and reset control feature for downstream component

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On 06/11/2023 07:12, Jian Yang wrote:
> From: "jian.yang" <jian.yang@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
> Make MediaTek's controller driver capable of controlling power
> supplies and reset pin of a downstream component in power-on and
> power-off process.
> Some downstream components (e.g., a WIFI chip) may need an extra
> reset other than PERST# and their power supplies, depending on
> the requirements of platform, may need to controlled by their
> parent's driver. To meet the requirements described above, I add this
> feature to MediaTek's PCIe controller driver as an optional feature.

NAK, strong NAK. This should be done in a generic way because nothing
here is specific to Mediatek.

You just implement power sequencing of devices through quirks specific
to one controller.

Work with others to provide common solution.

Best regards,

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