Re: [PATCH v5 0/5] PCI: brcmstb: Configure appropriate HW CLKREQ# mode

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Hi Jim,

Jim Quinlan <jim2101024@xxxxxxxxx> (2023-05-08):
> v5 -- Remove DT property "brcm,completion-timeout-us" from	 
>       "DT bindings" commit.  Although this error may be reported	 
>       as a completion timeout, its cause was traced to an	 
>       internal bus timeout which may occur even when there is	 
>       no PCIe access being processed.  We set a timeout of four	 
>       seconds only if we are operating in "L1SS CLKREQ#" mode.
>    -- Correct CEM 2.0 reference provided by HW engineer,
>       s/ (Bjorn)
>    -- Add newline to dev_info() string (Stefan)
>    -- Change variable rval to unsigned (Stefan)
>    -- s/implementaion/implementation/ (Bjorn)
>    -- s/superpowersave/powersupersave/ (Bjorn)
>    -- Slightly modify message on "PERST#" commit.
>    -- Rebase to torvalds master

Same results as with v4: looks good to me!

Using an official CM4 IO Board, I've successfully tested the same 9
setups as before, combining each:
 - CM4 Lite Rev 1.0
 - CM4 8/32 Rev 1.0
 - CM4 4/32 Rev 1.1

with each off-the-shelf PCIe/USB adapter at my disposal:
 - SupaHub PCE6U1C-R02, VER 006
 - SupaHub PCE6U1C-R02, VER 006S
 - Waveshare based on VIA VL805/806

Each system boots successfully, exposes the Kingston memory stick
plugged onto the PCIe/USB adapter, and happily reads data from it.

Note: I only tested each CM4 with the upgraded EEPROM (2023-01-11),
and without tweaking the DTB (i.e. without adding brcm,enable-l1ss).

Tested-By: Cyril Brulebois <cyril@xxxxxxxxxxx>

Cyril Brulebois (kibi@xxxxxxxxxx)            <>
D-I release manager -- Release team member -- Freelance Consultant

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