Re: [RFC PATCH 1/3] dt-bindings: PCI: rcar-pci-host: add optional regulators

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Hi Geert,

> > +  vpcie1v5-supply:
> > +    description: The 1.5v regulator to use for PCIe.
> +1.5V is only present on mini-PCIe slots...

Since mini-PCIe is a subset of PCIe, I'd think we can leave the
description as-is.

> > +
> > +  vpcie3v3-supply:
> > +    description: The 3.3v regulator to use for PCIe.
> ... while +3.3V is present on PCIe, mini-PCIe, and M2 PCIe slots.
> In addition, normal PCIe slots also have +12V.
> So I think it would be prudent to add a vpcie12v0-supply property, too.

I agree. I can't test it but it is trivial enough to add 12v support as

> W.r.t. to the actual naming, I don't know if there's already a (de facto)
> standard for that?

I couldn't find one and took what I think is the most used pattern. But
I wasn't entirely sure, this is why the series is still RFC.

Thanks for the review!


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