Re: 64-bit userspace root file system for hppa64

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On 12/8/23 13:20, Mark Cave-Ayland wrote:

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The "technical manual" for AM53C974 from AMD states that an interrupt is supposed
to be generated when the DMA DONE bit is set. The esp-pci code does not do that.

Yeah that seems odd. I'm currently having a look at to understand a bit more as to how the PCI DMA block works.

Yes, that is the document I was referring to.

I tried your patch series. Without the esp-pci patch it keeps failing
with spurious interrupts and with subsequent command aborts. With the
esp-pci patch applied it works just fine. This only applies to ext2
images. ext4, btrfs, and f2fs fail badly with C3700 and a 64-bit kernel,
but that does not seem to be related to the esp driver.

Next step will be to test 32-bit kernels with both C3700 and B160L.


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