Re: [RFC 4/6] ARM: DTS: omap4-l4-abe: Add McASP configuration

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* H. Nikolaus Schaller <hns@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> [230905 15:58]:
> From: Peter Ujfalusi <peter.ujfalusi@xxxxxxxxx>
> OMAP4 has a single McASP instance with single serializer and locked for DIT
> mode.
> To be able to enable the support the following fixes needed:
> - Add the DAT port ranges to the target module's ranges

I think the above has been already done?

> - SIDLE mode must be disabled as it is not working with McASP
>  most likely module integration issue with McASP

Best to keep the dts entry as is and add quirk handling to ti-sysc driver
instead based on mcasp revision register detection. The dts is meant to
describe hardware and the register values exist.. But looking at ti-sysc
we already have mcasp tagged with SYSC_QUIRK_SWSUP_SIDLE.

If this patch is still needed, maybe check the revision register value and
mask in case there are multiple revisions, that's this line in ti-sysc:

SYSC_QUIRK("mcasp", 0, 0, 0x4, -ENODEV, 0x44306302, 0xffffffff,



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