6.1.y Regression found on AM3517

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I have an AM3517-EVM board that I am trying to use the latest 6.1.y
stable, currently 6.1.51.

With git bisect, I narrowed the regression between 6.1.15 and 6.1.16 to commit
eaf9b5612a47 ("driver core: fw_devlink: Don't purge child fwnode's
consumer links")

In the regression, 48002000.scm appears as not ready.  This affects a
variety of dependent peripherals making them unavailable:

wl12xx_buf platform: supplier 48002000.scm not ready
wl12xx_vmmc2 platform: supplier wl12xx_buf not ready
48050000.dss platform: supplier display@0 not ready
48064800.ehci platform: supplier hsusb1_phy not ready
backlight platform: supplier 48002000.scm not ready
display@0 platform: supplier backlight not ready
dmtimer-pwm@11 platform: supplier 48002000.scm not ready
hsusb1_phy platform: supplier 48002000.scm not ready
gpio-leds platform: supplier 48002000.scm not ready
480b4000.mmc platform: supplier wl12xx_vmmc2 not ready

If I build 6.1.51 but I checkout drivers/base/core.c from commit
2455b81afe68 ("driver core: fw_devlink: Add DL_FLAG_CYCLE support to
device links"),
the regression is gone.

I checked the 6.5 kernel, and it appears fine, so I think there is a
possible backport commit missing, and I was hoping Saravana or Tony
might have a suggestion as to which one(s) I should try.  I don't know
if this is found on other OMAP3 boards, but I wouldn't be surprised.


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