ABE/AESS on modern kernel: clocks, hwmods etc.

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Hi Tony,
we are still struggling with ABE/AESS on the OMAP4/5 (PandaES, Pyra, OMAP5UEVM, BT-200).

Symptoms are that
* pmem access will be broken after initializing the ABE-DSP
* it seems the AES DSP is not running (and leads to timeouts when sending audio data to the buffers)
* boot issues on BT-200

What we have found is that a TI kernel v3.8 works on the OMAP5EVM but newer kernels start to fail.

A major observation ist that hwmods have been removed in smaller pieces and the last removal
was in v5.6: c33ff4c864d2b ARM: OMAP2+: Drop unused PRM defines for omap4

There are also some other unknown factors in our code where we do not know how to port to modern
* there is a context lost code but how to make use of it?
* pmem fails unless we disable omap_aess_write_event_generator(aess, EVENT_TIMER);

It seems as if clocks and code like omap_hwmod_aess_preprogram() is missing. Especially for the
omap4 we have found no equivalent to aess_fclk which exists for omap5 and dra7.
Nowhere is a reference using the abe_iclk node.

This would mean that power/clock management for ABE/AESS is incomplete/missing.

So maybe can you review our device tree definitions?
Our patched DTS is included here:


and compare e.g. with the old hwmods code which is doing quite special AESS setup like


I hope that I properly summarized the discussions with Patrik and Andreas who please add if
I forgot something important.

BR and thanks,

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