Re: DOSEMU fails on start with SIGSEGV...

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31.07.2023 05:40, Zeni Junker пишет:
So, my question is, am I missing something ?
Some googling, as usual.
It would give you this dosemu2 ebuild:

Or an update for dosemu1.
Good that you've found your own solution
and got a 20-years-old software working,
but you certainly could do it otherwise.

True. I've found dosemu2 page, but it looked as an alternative, somewhat experimental fork .

... full rewrite, and so on.
All is true.
We try to provide the basic dosemu1
compatibility, but its just "basic". :)

Also, portage tree doesn't have dosemu2, just dosemu1, so I've surmised that dosemu should work and
I remember using it years ago.

I've also asked on Gentoo infra and got a meak, but positive response that dosemu should work.

I'll try dosemu2, but in the end, it's nice to know that I could get to a working solution by myself.
It also didn't hurt to refresh my basic gdb skills.
I suppose that dosemu1 has a very little
use today, so its not that unlikely that your
gdb efforts in that area are not interesting
for anything else but refreshing the gdb
skills. :) It keeps disappearing from distros,
AFAIK even debian recently dropped it, so
I don't think the fact that it still works on
gentoo, will last for long enough.
And dosemu2 is not yet interesting for distributions
like gentoo, because its build process is awkward
and the releases are infrequent and not well
tested (yet). But its already good enough for
the end-users who can build from git.
So you may want to try dosbox instead, or
you may want to share your gdb skills with
the dosemu2 project.

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