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Hi dosemu users.

I am glad to announce a pre9 release
of dosemu2. This concludes the 5 years
of work and includes around 3400 commits.
Short summary of changes can be found here:

Note that we switched to rolling release model
long ago. Packages are daily built for various
distros. As the result, the announcements of
any release are basically just to tell you that
we are not quite dead. :) There are no "release
packages", as packages are kept being built
daily. We nevertheless had a feature freeze and
the stabilization phases, and we have the branch
"master" pointing to a release, so in principle
the release can be built from sources. Maybe
some distros will opt to do that.

This may also be the last announcement to
this mail list, as we have moved all our discussions
to github long ago. Everyone interested in
dosemu2 project, is encouraged to join us there.

Thanks for staying with us. :)

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