archlinux install success

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I managed to get everything to install after installing tqdm in the
~/build/install-freedos directory and ran sudo make install.  Whether
necessary I don't know.  Then I went into the src directory and ran python
install-freedosuserspace and that package ran the rest and installed the
utilities in f:\bin.  It's a different way of installing but I might be
able to roll an aur package for this so anyone installing dosemu2-git in
archlinux can find out about these utilities and optionally install them.
That way the old dos users especially the screen reader users will find
this more functional.  I already found out works inside of
dosemu2.  A good friend won't be with us much longer and he asked me to
find out if any of what he sent me would work.  He would also like to use
dosemu and I think between me and a linux contact he has living near him
we will be able to make that happen.

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