loop for hdimage

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In order for mmount to mount hdimage it needs a loop which can be done with losetup. Not only is this information missing from the DOSEMU-HOWTO, the losetup command that would set up a workable loop for the mkfatimage16 command given in the DOSEMU-HOWTO is missing from the howto. The mkdexe command mentioned in the HOWTO ought to have been removed when that setup script got removed from distribution and writing in the HOWTO ought to have made mkfatimage16 the canonical method for making an hdimage file. My guess is the man page for mkfatimage16 is also less than correct in a couple respects too. First the -k switch for each single unit of value makes how much space? The units mentioned in that man page are confusing to me and probably several other people. Second, my guess is mkfatimage16 formats the disk so files can be put onto it and be useable this is undocumented in that man page. Another command mkfatimage is available and it can make a named volume with size limitation of 2.88mb which I suspect is maximum size for a floppy. Fortunately no man page is available for mkfatimage no man page, no mistakes possible writing the man page. If dosemu could be made to work one advantage it has is an ability to run outside of sdl which is something dosbox is missing. The sdl stuff and screen reader accessibility do not play nicely together.
More later as me and a couple friends figure things out on this end.

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