happy new year!

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Hi all DOS fans, and happy new year!

Some of you may have been wondering why
there were no dosemu2 releases for quite some
time. Let me assure you that the project is not
dead. Its just that I decided to keep the entire
alpha stage in git, w/o any releases. People are
usually very nervous about backward-incompatible
changes, and we have lots of them (incompatible
with both dosemu1 and pre-alphas of dosemu2),
so the decision was to get things stabilized first,
then release. Fortunately the last pre-alpha (pre8)
works rather well so there is no rush to release
unfinished code.
I hope the first beta is coming soon.
We did a great stabilization work recently, and
for example fdpp (https://github.com/stsp/fdpp)
is nearing the end of beta cycle and will probably
soon be declared stable. It would be much easier
to stabilize dosemu2 when fdpp is stable.

You can help us getting there! :) Our comcom32 project:
has a very low entry level, compared to dosemu2
or fdpp. So even if you have the very basic C coding
skills for DOS, you can help us improving comcom32.
Of course if you are a coding guru, you are welcome
to try your C skills on dosemu2, or C++ skills on fdpp.
You'll certainly find many interesting things while
studying the code of these projects. :) And also many
bounties are awaining you in the bug tracker.

Happy new year and happy hacking!

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