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Stas Sergeev <stsp@xxxxxxx> writes:

> 27.01.2019 5:01, Brent Busby пишет:
>> That explains why MIDI seems to work in bare DOS -- because the
>> BLASTER command from DOSEMU is providing everything needed for
>> sound, at least for DOS. I thought I needed drivers though because
>> Windows 3.1 isn't seeing any sound or MIDI on its own though. So the
>> BLASTER command should be making an emulated sound card available
>> even to Windows? 

> Windows has its own set of drivers, which
> you can install in windows control panel.
> Use the drivers from windows itself, rather
> than from the sound blaster drivers disk.
> I don't remember if the drivers from disk
> work, but the ones that bundled with windows,
> certainly do.

SoundBlaster drivers bundled with Windows 3.1?

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