Re: quick question about dosemu

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Good morning!  You are correct that multiple people have mentioned
that, and it may be true.  I do know that chdsk can run during the
boot cycle which does not yet have a graphical environment to run,
hence my thoughts on it being a console based executable.  I will play
with it to see if that is indeed the case, or it if is as the others
have stated that it is not.  I'll report back once I get things going.
It will require me to compile dosemu for this particular distro
through, so a couple of extra steps are required...

Keep your fingers crossed people!!!


On 9/23/18, stsp <stsp@xxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hello,
> 22.09.2018 17:43, David Henderson пишет:
>> Thanks for getting back in touch Stu!  All versions of chkdsk are
>> DOS-based (even in Windows 10) which do understand NTFS.
> Multiple people have told you this is not the case.
> Please don't be surprised when you find out things
> do not work the way you expect, and the fault is
> not in dosemu at all.
> In this particular case dosemu can't help you, but
> you don't know this yet and do not believe us. So
> please spend some time trying and then get back
> with the results. :)

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